address: Pellegrino Parmense (PR), strada Grotta 36, località Berzieri
telephone: mobile +39 333 5450120; +39 331 6011716
coordinates: Lat. 44° 45' 56" N, Lon. 9° 53' 56" E

Pellegrino Parmense (PR), strada Grotta 36, Berzieri

We are easily accessible, not far from Milan, Parma, Piacenza and Cremona and follow our instructions (sat nav sends you elsewhere!), the path is easy and pleasant: it is not uncommon to meet sunset deer, badgers and hares!

Coming by car

  • From Milan (or from the North): from Milan it will take you only 90 minutes. Take the highway MI-BO and leave it at Fiorenzuola towards Fiorenzuola. Take the "via Emilia" towards Alseno. When you exit the village take a right at the first roundabout. After the left bend in the corner follow the signs to Salsomaggiore Term, on the right. Next follow the road untill the roundabout from Scipione. Take a right at the rounabout and follow the road towards Pellegrino Parmense (PR). Follow the signs to Pellegrino untill the sign "Lago dei Pini" after this go straight ahead and take a left at the sign "Besozzola-Berzieri-Grotta". Pass the old village Besozzola and Berzieri and turn right after the first hairpin this gravel road leads to the Country House.

  • From Genova (or from northern Tuscany): take the highway towards Parma-La Spezia and leave this highway at Fornovo. Follow the road to Varano drive thru the town untill the roundabout. Take a right turn on the roundabout towards Pellegrino Parmense (PR). In Pellegrino take the road to Fidenza-Alseno. Follow the road along thr riverbed for a couple of miles. After the second crossing of the river Stirone take a right turn and drive up to the "Besozzola-Berzieri-Grotta". When you pass the village Berzieri take a left up to the gravel road this will lead to the Country House.

  • From Parma (or from the north east Bologna-Firenze): take the exit towards Fidenza Salsomaggiore Terme. When you reach Salsomaggiore follow the road to Pellegrino Parmense (PR). After the village Contignaco take the road on the right towards the "Grotta". Pass the Salsomaggiore Golf Club and drive ferther straight ahead untill the "Grotta". Pass the "Grotta" and take a right turn after the hairpin. This gravel road leads toward the Country House.

Coming by train

From the station of Parma, Fidenza or Salsomaggiore Terme, on request, we are pleased with the shuttle service.

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