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It's nice to be able to offer so many activities, but one of the greatest luxuries we offer is just the ability to do nothing, like a child. The clubhouse in the barn where cows once rested, with the light filtering through, a bit of music, a book. The rooftop lounge and other quiet corners will enfold you...
For your holiday in the countryside, we have some unique and exciting suggestions for every taste included in the room rate.

Bio pool

Degrading access

Natural environmen

To pass the time with us

Bio pool: For your holiday or weekend, our swimming pond is a pleasure for mind and body in all seasons.

Its eco-friendly design fits seamlessly into our countryside: olive trees line your walk along a sunny hillside to a meditative place of quiet relaxation, accompanied by the sound of the stream that flows nearby.

The pool is a 250-m2 pond shaped to blend harmoniously into the landscape, with a gentle slope from the walk-in end, suitable for children, with jacuzzi, to the 190 cm deep end for swimming and diving.

A spring-fed sun shower, deck chairs, sun loungers and parasols are all available. The pool is also open at night under the lights, since the water is never very cold. In winter the lake freezes, making the view even more spectacular.

The climate in these hills is particularly pleasant during the day, always dry and breezy, inviting you to enjoy a swim even in the evening due to the pool's sheltered position, with a gorgeous view of the sunset.

The season begins in the spring; you can swim to the end of September, and if the weather holds even into October.

Always great for a weekend or holiday in the pool!

Why BIO POOL? The water is purified naturally with salt by electrolysis disinfectant action; the effect is gentle on the skin and on the nose (no chlorine burn!). The environment is not polluted and water is not wasted - just one of the many ways that Alleluja Country House is doing its part to keep the countryside unspoiled.

Country Hotel, B&B with Jacuzzi

Outdoor hot tub: located at the edge of the forest with panoramic views but still private, the jacuzzi with heated spring water allows you to enjoy the sunset, the colours of the seasons and the stars and the moon, for a special romantic evening, around you only the sounds of our woods.

On request it is also available for cocktails and private dinners for you and that special someone.

Hot tube in the woods

Romantic B&B with Jacuzzi and Spa

Chromatic showers

Spa space and relaxation time: We were inspired by the ancient Romans and their skilful ability to enjoy the FEELING that water, light and heat can give, and especially by their tradition of relaxing in company!

Just as in the old Roman baths, you can switch from the benefits of steam Turkish bath to dry heat generated from the old wood stove, to a hot tub with available aroma- and chromatherapy, to chromatherapy showers inserted in old stone walls, to a laconium (an inviting heated chaise longue). Don't forget the heated massage beds, and do-it-yourself mud bath!

Outside waiting for you is the thrill of the restorative bucket of water in an antique tub and the unusual experience of a hay bath, carefully prepared using herbs such as valerian and arnica (just like the famous hay baths of Trentino), regenerating the skin and joints.

There's no path to follow or set time limit, so you're free to make your own schedule at your own pace ... and when will you find THAT again?!

B&B with turkish bath and sauna

Even more to do!

Energy Pyramid: we have built an energy pyramid in the same proportions as the pyramid of Cheops, at 1/40 the sise.

It's located on the hill, in a quiet corner with northern exposure. Some studies have shown that pyramid shapes with a structural feature at 1/3 of the height from the ground (the intersection point of the five vertices).

Focus cosmic energy that promotes the regeneration of cells and stimulates growth, benefiting both meditators and those who simply sit down to enjoy the view of the woods along and across the valley.

If you like, you can enjoy a gourmet dinner or spend an unforgettable night in the energy pyramid under the stars! (by reservation only)

The pyramid of energy and the forest

In the face of the valley


Observation of the night sky with a telescope: We have a new telescope this year! See fascinating planets and stars, and even have a "guided tour" with an expert (upon request). A new and unique experience!

Night Walk: Experience the great outdoors in different way when we take you on a lantern-lit walk through the surrounding woods, where "night life" takes on a whole new meaning.

Beach volley in mountains

Beach volley court, ping-pong and table football: for enjoy time!

Beach volley court


And nearby ...

A variety of trails for mountain biking, hiking and orienteering alone or accompanied by qualified personnel with specific experience and knowledge of the area.

All materials (including GPS) and information for your holiday on mountain bikes or weekend treks are available.

View at sunset

horse-drawn carriage rides: a unique experience that takes you away in space but also in time.

For couples stop for a drink and a Parmigiano Reggiano tasting, or for the family, experience ancient farm life with a stop at the dairy for a tasting. Always accompanied by an expert tour guide.

Carriage ride in nature

Local products tasting

guided tours and tastings,at authentic working local farms!

  • a dairy where Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is made, in the mountains of Pellegrino Parmense
  • a winery where Vin Santo is produced, with a visit to the vineyard
  • the workshop production of bread with antique grains, cooked in wood-burning oven
  • our lab to craft production of beer, with the use of organic wheat and barley produced by us.
  • Spas in Salsomaggiore Terme and Tabiano
  • castles like Bardi, Vigoleno, Castell'Arquato e Scipione, ancient Romanesque churches and several mills
  • a variety of natural attractions such as (natural Park Stirone, an outcropping of ancient sea beds where you can also go rock-climbing
  • in a few minutes Golf Club of Salsomaggioreoffers our guests discounted rates
  • for the kids it's only a few kilometres to the adventure Park Parmaland in Tabiano Bagni
  • horseback riding in Park Stirone
  • numerous festivals and medieval re-enactments are organised in the area;calendar of events always available
  • Parma:Verdi's land and only a 50-minute drive from us
  • Autodromo di Varano Melegari for fans of vintage car and not only and motorcycle competitions and events

We have all kinds of material and information to help you plan day trips in the area; our shuttle is available for small groups.

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