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coordinates: Lat. 44° 45' 56" N, Lon. 9° 53' 56" E

The beautiful hills of Parma, on the edge of the Natural Park Stirone (formerly deep seabed, now the bed of a river rich in fossils and ancient outcroppings).

We are surrounded by organic farmlands free of chemical fertilisers or pesticides on feed crops intended for the Parmigiano Reggiano Mountain cows, and craggy mountain peaks.

Here nature, plants and animals are still the masters and the pace is not dictated by man.

Our dream: change life

Our family, Alessandra, Maurisio and our children, Matilde and Gabriele, felt the need to escape the city, with its stress, pollution, and traffic. After a long search, we finally found a farmhouse surrounded by fields and woods, a stream and two springs, and without affecting the original beauty of the place - we liked it so much at first sight! - we made our dream a reality.

In our life one of the important values has always been respect for the environment. We wanted not only to change our lives, but also to offer everyone the opportunity to get closer to nature respectfully. We wanted to offer hospitality to those who feel the need to unplug and experience something unforgettable: to us, this is Eco-Hospitality.

How it was before

when it was a barn

We are almost at the end...

The cottage

The ancient stone structure, dating back to the 1600s, was composed of the farmhouse and the adjacent hay barn, where today you'll find the living room for breakfast with huge picture windows to let you feast your eyes on the valley view, and underneath, the old livestock barn with the original pillars and vaulting.

In the construction work to restore the cottage, beyond adhering legal requirements regarding energy conservation, we have tried to maintain the original structure as much as possible and to use recycled and locally-sourced natural materials.

The old beams are still visible in the ceilings, and ancient terracotta tiles still grace the the living room floor where once the farmer kept his hay.

The barn where the cows once rested, airy, shady, was cluttered, messy and dirty the first time we saw it, but we could imagine how it had once been. We were determined to preserve the original flooring (which would otherwise have been removed!) and we liked the idea of ??leaving everything in its original configuration, with its columns and the manger. We only added a large fireplace that not only warms the room, but also the heart.

At the front of the house there is a large fig tree. Grab a fig, warm and juicy from the tree, to snack on as you approach the walkway to the bio-pool.

In the rooms we were inspired to create our own unique style, which ranges from the classic to the '70s. Every spacious room has its own bath and a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.

Ancient stone alternates with wallpapered walls; old beams and supports were recovered and used to enhance the original bathrooms and bedrooms; wood alternates with iron and aluminum.

The larch plank flooring and plush carpeting invite you to walk barefoot. Lighing is our passion: you will find fixtures of all kinds from all periods. The view was already there; we just gave it a frame.

Last but not least, the Spa: beautiful to look at, amazing to experience. Unconventional, imaginative, re-energising, liberating - these are words that come to mind. Every tile, every corner of the wall, each beam has its own story. Indulge and enjoy, for as long as you like!



We have put warmth and life in the things that we did, always keeping in mind what we ourselves would want from a country house experience. We have personally tested every dish, every activity, and every professional that we recommend, and yet still every now and then we change something or add a detail to make the experience even more satisfying.

Photovoltaic on the field


The stream

Photovoltaic system

The energy needed to provide hospitality and comfort is produced by our photovoltaic systems: a field of 20 kw and one of 10 kw on the roof. We are virtually self-sufficient, optimising consumption and as much as possible using our own clean energy produced in-house. This is just one of the ways in which we are working to reduce our impact on the environment.

Phytopurification plant

Waste water from the house is filtered through a bio-sedimentary system. The water thus reclaimed (still rich with bacteria) is moved to small pools for phytopurification, where acquatic plants do the work of filtering and purifying the water, which can then be re-introduced into the environment (for example, for field irrigation).

Using spring and rain water

We've installed four collection pools that allow us to capture and use water from our two streams and the area's abundant rain, for the needs of the house as well as for irrigation of our organic gardens in time of drought.

Recovery of the stream

After decades of abandonment and neglect, the stream that flows into our property was choked with weeds and filthy. We cleaned up the streambed and now its clean, fresh water is available for the needs of the pool.

Bio pool

We didn't like the idea of ??spoiling the environment and view with a concrete block, and we wanted to avoid the use of skin-damaging chemicals and pollutants such as chlorine. Our challenge: to have a refeshing swim in the summer, with carefully controlled water usage and minimal environmental impact. Our solution: the water in the biopool (from the creek that runs next to it) is constantly renewed and filtered through a system of pumps and is disinfected using the process of electrolysis, with salt! The molecules of the salt are broken down to allow the disinfecting action, then recompose naturally to restart the cycle.

The farm: organic heritage fruits

and berries

The cottage blends harmoniously with the landscape of our organic farm: we maintain 12 hectares with ancient fruit orchard with production of apples, pears, plums, apricots, peaches, cherries, figs and nuts. It is ancient varieties of fruit grown in the valley over a century ago, abandoned and now again productive, thanks to the recovery made by the University of Parma in collaboration with farmers in the area that are passionate like us to taste and aromas native now forgotten.

We also have some olive trees in Parma, a production of strawberries, raspberries and currants among small fruits (blackberries are already in!) And the vegetable garden.

We also produce two-row barley and wheat for the production of beer in our new lab.

Our goal is to provide healthy and quality products, with careful use of water. We are certified organic by the "Suolo e Salute" and then we buy organic seeds and plants, we only use natural fertilizer (manure mature) and no herbicides. In fact the plants of old fruit, native and therefore well acclimatized to the type of soil, water and climate of these valleys, are robust and less susceptible to disease. The only "threat" during the coldest winters, is represented by roe deer, deer and wild boars that, undisturbed, find refreshment from us.

In our new laboratory, we prepare with fruits and vegetables, biological jams and preserves, which are part of the rich and tasty breakfast and tastings along with other local products, and products purchased in the surrounding area.

We also have a small production plant of craft beer, we get using the barley malt and wheat of our fields. We are members of the COBI - Italian Consortium Manufacturers Barley and Beer - to whom we supply our barley and from which we receive the supply of malt required for the preparation of our beer. Our beers are served to our guests and customers of the farm, who visit us and take part in tastings.

Matilde on the bottom of the pool

Organic farm

Genuine home cooking


Family-style restaurant

Alleluja Beer

Belgian Beer

Bitter Beer

California Common


In our small plant of craft brewing, we produce a few different styles of beer, using barley malt obtained from our fields. We are members of the COBI - Italian Consortium Manufacturers Barley and Beer - which we supply our barley and from which we receive the supply of malt required for the preparation of our beer.

For the production are used only natural raw materials, as opposed to beer produced industrially and in large quantities, there is no use of prefabricated substances or cheap cereal, we use Italian malt and do not add any chemical additives.

Alleluja Beer is really "handmade", 40 liters for boiling, each stage of processing is carried out personally by myself, done with care and attention to detail, from the choice of ingredients to make my recipes till the bottling for the second fermentation in the bottle.

It's a non-pasteurized natural product and not microfiltered, therefore preserves the organoleptic and nutritional quality of barley, thus directly assimilated.

The beer, in fact, is an ancient drink, and if RAW and REALLY ARTISAN, has many properties:

  • it contains little ethanol and low calories and does not make you fat
  • it is made with barley and contains beta-glucans that impact on improving health
  • it contains minerals, vitamins and polyphenols, it have antioxidant properties against skin aging
  • it contains free radicals
  • it has diuretic properties and immunomodulatory effects, especially on women
  • it increases the concentration of HDL, the good cholesterol

A pint a day...

Belgian Ale Style: amber/gold, 6.5°, with moderate foam. Smooth, intense aroma, soft and typical flavor taste. It's better not to consume too cold.

Bitter Pale Ale Style: English, amber color, 5.5°, determined and persistent foam. Bodied average bitter taste, balanced between malt and hops. To drink at cellar temperature.

California Common Style: American, amber color, 4.5°, with little lasting foam. It has the flavor of roasted malt, refreshing, slightly smoky, bitter aftertaste.

The Belgian-style beers, in particular, have been designed and created to accompany food, especially meat and mature cheeses. They are full-bodied beers, have a slightly higher alcohol content and its own personality, are little carbonated and moderate foam. These features, combined with the fact that they are devoid of aftertaste, let you enhance and not overpower the flavors without leaving a feeling of heaviness.

The Alleluja beer is sold in bottles of 50 cl, also productions are made on demand and home delivered, can be purchased a single bottles and/or apackaging cardboard with 9 bottles. Call us at +39 331 6011716, +39 333 5450120 or by mail to, or through the contact page, we will provide prices and modalities.

Our beers are of course served to our guests during meals or at the bar to drink as aperitif or after a day at the pool, enjoying the sunset on the patio. Finally are organized tours and taste itinerary, during which are described the different styles of beer, the production process of Genuine Craft Beer and nutritional and healthful qualities of this ancient food.

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